Sheila settles accounts with her former producer

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On the set of Clique, Mouloud Achour’s show on Canal +, singer Sheila shared a difficult experience of her debut in music. Her former producer simply ripped her off.

Further proof that music can be a harmful environment. Sheila returned this Wednesday, March 22 in Click on a painful episode of his career. Interviewed by presenter Mouloud Achour, the 77-year-old singer explained having been defrauded by a dishonest producer at the very beginning of her career, when she was still young and inexperienced.
During a true/false quiz, the Franco-Algerian journalist demanded applause from the audience for the artist, after explaining that Ringo’s former partner was “the singer in France to have sold the most albums”. “85 million albums sold worldwide, not counting 45s (…) without streaming”said Mouloud Achour, before dropping a remark of which he has the secret: “That makes it into moula.” “I would have liked…”responded Sheila with a shrug. “Is it true? Didn’t you get that much money?” rebounded the host of Canal +, understanding that the artist did not say everything.

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His former producer “did not do the accounts”

Ah well no, because I have not been paid“, she dropped on the set. “You know, I started out, I was 16, I was a kid. 16 in the 60s is like 12 today for you. I did my first fifteen years, it’s the time when I sold a lot of records, with someone who didn’t do the accounts”, continued the idol of the yéyé generation. Before : “It’s the problem of money of course, but it is the problem of the betrayal of a child. Because I was a kid. I followed a gentleman who made me sing, I was so happy to realize a little girl’s dream. Me, the accounts, it was not my life. I don’t care about accounts!“.”It doesn’t matter“, summarized the singer, who does not wish “not live in resentment.
The producer in question is none other than Claude Carrère, against whom she had won a lawsuit at the industrial tribunal of Bobigny, in 1996. The company had to pay 4.3 million francs to Sheila. In 2021, in the columns of S, The Magazine of Sophie Davant, the singer had revealed the way in which this man had betrayed her and in whom she nevertheless had complete confidence.
Claude was like a big brother to me. I could never have imagined being betrayed by him. How this man who, in one month, had allowed the little florist that I was to become a yéyé singer could he wish me harm?“, she asked herself. But like her intervention at Clique, Sheila had also shown herself to be resilient, even saying that she had her share of responsibility in this whole story.

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