Shiloh, 12, carried away by breast cancer: her parents denounce medical wandering

“Breast cancer at 12 does not exist”. This is what Diane, mother of Shiloh, who died at the age of 12 from breast cancer in December 2021, heard after several months of medical wandering and suffering. From the start of the disease, in March 2021, the distraught mother met several specialists alerting them that it could be breast cancer (Shiloh was a young girl who had settled and therefore had breasts) but no one believed her.

“If it had been detected, it was operable”

It was only after 4 months, seeing the purple breast, completely deformed, that a doctor prescribed a biopsy. The ax falls: a mammary angiosarcoma which nibbled her left breast. Shiloh, 12, died 9 months after the onset of symptoms. Diane recounts her ordeal at the microphone of Europe 1.

“Overnight, we saw a red spot on her breast, with an eruption of pimples in a bouquet with species of stripes, veins, like an orange peel. She could not stand up when she walked at the house, she was standing between the walls. There was no improvement. It was getting more and more red. Our doctor ordered us an ultrasound, “says Shiloh’s mother.

“Shiloh fell under contempt and abuse”

“My doctor told me not to put her on antibiotics because we don’t mix them with anti-inflammatories. And after a few days, there was still no improvement. I went back to see her and told her yes, it’s breast cancer. And there, behind the counter, she despises me. She says to me, ‘Madam, I told you that breast cancer does not exist in children of twelve years old.’ was just because she was twelve years old. We refused any breast cancer screening investigation, despite us parents saying it was cancer. If she was detected, she was operable. She suffered martyrdom, lived an atrocity. We have the photos and the videos. Shiloh fell in France in 2001 under contempt and mistreatment”.

The mother of young Shiloh, a victim of breast cancer, plans to file a complaint against all the doctors who have not prescribed tests for her daughter.

The case of little Shiloh, 12, alerts us to many childhood cancers which are also little or misdiagnosed. 1 child in 440 develops cancer before the age of 15. In total each year, in France, it is estimated that there are 2,500 new children with cancer and 500 die of it each year. But this figure is underestimated.

An 18% increase in childhood cancers

The recorded data is incomplete. The public authorities rely on the registers of 19 French departments. And from the figures obtained in these departments, an estimate is made at the national level. Even if these figures are underestimated, they increase alert Jean-François Corty researcher at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations. “It has been observed that between 2003 and 2019, there was an 18% increase in pediatric cancers. 90% of them are linked to environmental factors, that is to say pesticides, electromagnetic waves which have an impact on the carcinogenicity of cells”

Jean François Corty does not hesitate to speak of the epidemic of cancer in children. To stop it, according to the researcher, all doctors should be alerted as soon as there is cancer in their region. They would thus be more inclined to prescribe examinations to look for tumours.

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