Shinji Hashimoto: finally, the ex-producer of the Final Fantasy license will remain active, joining Sony Music Entertainment and ForwardWorks

Earlier this month, Shinji Hashimoto left Square-Enix where he had spent 27 years, he who notably held the position of producer of the license Final Fantasy for many years as brand manager, replaced in 2021 by Yoshinori Kitase with a view to his departure. If, like us, you thought that he was going to have peaceful days from the height of his 64 years, you were wrong, because he comes fromannounce having integrated Sony Music Entertainment where he will officiate as senior adviser, a luxury adviser given his liabilities. But that’s not all, because he also joins the board of directors of ForwardWorksa video game company founded by sony in 2016 and entirely dedicated to mobile titles.

Here is the translation of his statement:

Apologies for so many personal messages, but I wanted to share some news. As of today, I started working both as a senior advisor at Sony Music Entertainment, as well as a member of the board of directors of their subsidiary, ForwardWorks.

In my previous role, I had always been supported both by other players in the industry, as well as countless fans, and I would like to continue to focus my efforts on creating entertainment. I’m turning over a new page, per se, but it may be a while before I can share exactly what I’m working on in these new roles. When it seems like the time is right, I’ll be sure to share the news with you all.

It will be a new adventure for me, as I am getting a bit older at 64, but as always, I appreciate everyone’s support. For anyone reading this around the world, please give me some time to share more. To all the creative minds, I look forward to working with you!

You will have understood it, so we will not stop hearing about Shinji Hashimoto in the years to come. NEO: The World Ends with Youon which he was an executive producer, is sold from €34.00 on Amazon.

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