“Shocked me” – Knows the suspect: Maurer reacts to murder

The two litigated publicly for three years, met each other in court: the green politician Sigrid Maurer and the “Bierwirt”, the 42-year-old who was likely to have shot his ex-partner in a Viennese building on Thursday evening. Now the club chairwoman spoke up about the terrible deed.

“Yesterday, the ninth woman this year was murdered by her ex-partner. Every woman killed is one too many. Every injured woman is one too many, ”writes Maurer on Twitter. “I am personally shocked that the perpetrator is obviously the beer owner, but it is irrelevant in the matter. We know the mechanisms behind violence: contempt for women, inability to resolve conflicts non-violently, the perception that men are superior to women. “

Maurer reacted to the terrible bloody act on Thursday evening in a community building in Vienna-Brigittenau. Presumably out of raging jealousy, a 42-year-old took up arms on Friday night and killed his ex-girlfriend (35). The arrested person is apparently the “Bierwirt” who litigated Maurer about obscene news on the web.

Pictures from the “Bierwirt versus Maurer” trial at the beginning of the year

Collapsed and lost consciousness in front of police
The police moved to the scene on Thursday with the support of WEGA, when the 42-year-old was still in the courtyard when he arrived. “He surrendered without resistance,” reported police spokesman Markus Dittrich. Immediately afterwards, the suspect collapsed and passed out in front of the officers. Apparently he was heavily alcoholic, and adverse effects from other substances cannot be ruled out.

Minister Gewessler in tears
There was a further reaction from Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). She was visibly affected, had to briefly interrupt a press conference on Friday morning and deal with the tragic events in tears.