Shoe trend running sneakers: More appearances than reality?

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More appearances than reality? We love running sneakers more than sports

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More sports… uh yeah. Let’s do it regularly. But it often stays that way. But what our motivation is always sufficient for: chasing trends. In this case, the trendy running sneaker is very sporty.

by Linda Berger

Oh yes, January is almost over and our good resolutions, if we had any at all, are already forgotten. More sport? Phew, so honestly now? Don’t feel like leaving the warm house. At least not for that. Shopping centers definitely have more appeal than fitness studios. However, what both have in common: running sneakers. We need them on the treadmill to be sporty, in everyday life just to look sporty. We can definitely do that best by far.

Walk like on clouds

Anyone who has ever owned running shoes knows: you walk on them like on cotton wool. The thick sole cushions various bumps under our feet and the shoe supports the ankles and arches of the feet. Absolute comfort! What’s better than trends that are comfortable?!

And that’s exactly why they have proven to be the perfect companion in everyday life. Functional soles, reflectors and mesh details are what sneakers now have to have in order to be a fashion trend. In addition, they are welcome to come along a little chunky.

But running sneakers are not only one of the it-pieces of the coming season because of this, but also because of their color. Absolutely hip: the Pantone color Very Peri or very delicate lilac. In general, pastel shades are particularly popular in 2022. This makes the styles appear fresh and spring-like. In order for pastel-colored sneakers to be presented in the right light, they are best combined with clean looks.

all-round talent

Amazingly, we can combine our new sportiness with almost everything we find in our closet. Depending on the season, mainly with earth tones or light nuances, because our favorite shoes really come into their own. In winter with wide-leg jeans or leggings, a knitted dress and a thick down coat, in summer with airy culottes, shorts or a skirt. Basically (almost) everything is possible.

Shoe trend: More appearances than reality?  We love running sneakers more than sports

© Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Something for everyone

In addition to sports shops, you can of course also get running sneakers online and since the shoe is currently so trendy, H&M, for example, also has a cheap model up its sleeve that is really impressive. If you want more color, take a look at Amazon or your trusty running store or try your luck to get hold of a retro model from New Balance, for example.


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