Shoe trends 2021: We still love these models from last year

Old but gold!
3 shoe trends from last year that we still wear up and down now

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In the fast-moving world of fashion, it's great when some trends last longer than just one season. In any case, even a year later, we still can't get enough of these three hyped shoe models.

We admit it: It's really tempting to watch all the new trends. A cool dress here, a new handbag there – season after season the market is almost inundated with cool novelties that trigger acute languor in us and make our credit cards glow. You feel the same way Absolutely understandable! But as great as the euphoria about the brand new achievements is, it is so sad that our old favorites are often forgotten afterwards and disappear into the eternal abyss of our wardrobe.

But that doesn't happen to us anymore, because what was super en vogue last year can now be done again – at least when it comes to shoes! In 2020 one shoe hype followed another and we haven't seen enough of them for a long time. Therefore, girls, unpack your duster and whip up your previous year's favorites, because THESE three shoes are at least as popular this fall as they were last year.

1. White boots

Some trends hit like a bomb, others creep a little more slowly into the hearts of fashion girls. White boots definitely belonged to the second category in 2020 – the pictures of the 90s plastic offshoots that adorned young girls' feet for too long were too present. Made of buttery soft leather, with an elegant shaft and trendy block heel, they celebrated their big fashion revival last year and soon became the darling of fashionistas. This gave us a lot of time to get used to the boots. So if you had a few teething problems with the trend in 2020 and haven't hit it yet, you should invest in a white pair now at the latest!

2. Chunky boots

And yet another caliber that did not immediately make every one of us gasp. The classic Chelsey boot got a trendy update in 2020 in the form of a chunky platform sole. It sounds like it takes getting used to, but the shoes with rubber soles and elaborate treads quickly won the hearts of trendsetters. As a cool break in style with feminine dresses or a casual complement to mom jeans and shirts Chunky boots In any case, a real fashion eye-catcher and a trendy alternative to sneakers and Co.

3. Square toe boots

Hand on heart: How many pairs of square toe shoes did you move in last year? Our list looks like this: flat sandals with square toe, high sandals with square toe, panolettes with square toe and – tadaaa – Square toe boots! And that's exactly what we'll wear up and down again in 2021 – that would be a shame, after all, the unusual shape sets a nice trend accent in every look. By the way, our favorites are ankle-high models with medium-high heels and made of buttery-soft leather or with sexy crocodile skirting – liiike! Oh, and as far as the square-toe sandals are concerned: don't ban them too far back in your shoe cabinet. We are pretty sure we will bring them out again next year – remember our words!

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