Shokz abandons bone conduction for its new OpenFit

Building on the success of its bone conduction headphones such as the OpenRun or the OpenMove, Shokz is venturing into the highly competitive market of slightly more “traditional” true wireless headphones with the OpenFit. The objective here is to combine the advantages of bone conduction headphones (feelings of comfort, awareness of one’s environment) and to overcome its shortcomings such as a rather mediocre audio quality.

In fact, the OpenFit clearly stand out from other models of headphones by their non-intrusive atypical format which leaves the auditory canal in the open air. The OpenFit are made up of a retaining fin, which is positioned around the earlobe, and a protrusion carrying the electronic parts including the loudspeaker. This part rests on the conch of the ear with the help of a small cushion filled with liquid silicone to provide the best possible feelings of comfort.

Each earphone features a rectangular speaker measuring 18 by 11 mm, directed towards the entrance to the ear canal. However, the fact that the headphones do not seal the entrance to the ear canal raises the question of the bass rendering. Shokz, however, claims to have developed a technology that improves the rendering of bass and amplifies it. In addition, also be aware that such a format prevents the proper functioning of active noise reduction, the OpenFit are therefore devoid of it.

To finish the owner’s tour, the OpenFit have a hands-free kit, are IP54 certified (resistant to splashing water and perspiration) and promise 7 hours of autonomy per charge as well as 3 additional charges thanks to the case. All the controls are done through touch surfaces located under the outer shell of the headphones. The Shokz app also allows you to customize these controls among other settings and settings.

The OpenFit will be marketed from the beginning of July 2023 at a price of €199.99.

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