Short-distance carpooling finally takes off in France

Julien Honnart, president of Klaxit. Klaxit Blog

Thanks to the government bonus of 100 euros paid to drivers, the platforms that offer this service on short journeys are accelerating.

A meat lover, a vegetarian and a vegan in the same car; a passenger traveling with a naturist driver… The sketches of Cocovoit , which have millions of views on YouTube, capture hilarious situations during carpools. Rather long journeys than short breaks: if long-distance carpooling has become commonplace in France, welcoming strangers in your vehicle to go to work remains a fledgling practice.

“For daily trips, drivers are not very flexible: they don’t want to make a 5 km detour if the journey is 15 or wait ten minutes. It passes more easily for a route of several hundred km which takes a few hours“, explains Adrien Tahon, director of BlaBlaCar France, which, in addition to its historical activity on long trips, launched BlaBlaCar Daily in 2018. As a result, short-distance carpooling generated only 5.2 million trips last year, according to …

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