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While Christmas has just come to an end, 2024 is already here. Between resolutions and new goals, many people feel the need to start from scratch as soon as a new year knocks on their door. This or these changes often involve a new haircut. While 2023 was marked by colorings, each more stylish than the last: “burgundy red hair“, “bropper” but also cuts like “butterfly haircut” very popular on mid-length hair and cut shixie“, which will continue to be trendy in 2024, this new year promises to be rich in hair trends. Changing your mind is good but knowing what to do is better. So to inspire you, we have reviewed the short cuts spotted in the lookbooks of Dessange And Franck Provost.

Women’s hair: discover the 10 short cuts that will be in vogue in 2024

Bold and feminine, short cuts have stood the test of time and continue to reinvent themselves over time. And that’s good because this year they will be more trendy than ever. We’ll let you discover them!

The pixie cut

Brought up to date by our Miss France 2024, otherwise known as Ève Gilles, the boyish cut is synonymous with boldness and modernity. The one that can easily be adopted with asymmetrical bangs, is intended to be clear at the nape of the neck, worn tapered and longer on the top of the head. Popularized in the 1920s, it is making a comeback to the delight of those with oval faces, and for whom this type of cut suits perfection. Fine, thick, frizzy or curly hair, this cut suits all hair types. That’s a good news !

The short square

Many celebrities have already indulged in the short bob trend. We include Dua Lipa, Zendaya but also Léna Mahfouf… but the list is still long. Although elegant and sophisticated, this haircut unfortunately does not highlight all face shapes. Indeed, this cut tends to mark square, round or wide faces. On the other hand, for oval and triangular faces, now is the time to take the plunge and shine at the start of the year.

The mutinous cut

Particularly vaporous and slightly retro“*, the short mischievous bob cut below the ears gives an effect of roundness to the face. Additionally, this cut will be perfect for people with fine hair who want to give it volume and texture.

The wolf cut

Seen on red carpets as well as on social networks, the wolf cut saw the light of day in 2023 but intends to continue to establish itself for this new year. Recently adopted by the French singer Louane, this cut at the crossroads between the shag cut and the mullet cut seduces both for its tousled and rock appearance. It is characterized by thick, layered layers with tapered lengths on the sides. Said “wolf cut” in French, it is suitable for all hair types and all face shapes. If you have fine hair, it will give you volume while for curly or frizzy hairyou can opt for an accentuated version, ideal for highlighting your curls.

The long square

Elegant and feminine, the long bob is characterized by a length that is located at shoulder level and which gives the hair an impression of volume. As you will have understood, this haircut will look great on fine hair looking for volume. The mid-length bob, slightly shorter, is also very trendy

The short shag cut

With a pronounced gradient, this new trendy cut will be perfect for fine to very fine hair which is in an eternal quest for volume. Easy to style, this hairstyle will also suit people whose hair wants to be thick, wavy and even curly. If you want more movement and texture, don’t hesitate to enhance your cut with curtain bangs or hypertrends.butterfly bang“.

The pixie cut

Straight and fine hair, this short cut is made for you! Material, texture and movement will be brought to your hair if you decide to succumb to this magnificent cut. Adopted by Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansson in the 2010s, the little sister of the boyish cut is making its way into the beauty sphere for its slight layering, and its long, rebellious locks at the front.

The mullet cut

Adored in the 70s and 80s and thrown into oblivion in the 2000s because they were too old-fashioned, the mullet cut is indeed making a comeback. Love it or hate it, this cut is one of the hair trends of the coming year. Ideal for wavy, straight and curly hair, it adapts to all face types. The one who knew how to reinvent herself is characterized by hair cut very short on the sides while the hair above the head and at the nape of the neck is left long. After Miley Cyrus and Úrsula Corbero… will you be the next to fall for it?

The soft crop cut

Trendy, stylish, to die for… this is THE cut to adopt urgently! Cut by Lina Evangelista in the 90s, it is characterized by several lengths. Easy to maintain, this cut, with its slight gradient, which embodies softness and femininity, will definitely be talked about in 2024. In addition to being the trendy cut of the year, it will get you the highest praise!

The cub cut

The time for long hair is over. Those which are now essential are short cuts such as the “cub cut“. Already adopted by the actress Jenna Ortega, this cut draws its inspiration from the essential wolf cut. Both rock and modern, this haircut is suitable not only for all hair types but also for all face shapes. So what are you waiting for to succumb?

The micro mini-bob

Synonymous with elegance and class, the micro mini-bob is a version of the ultra-short bob that falls just below the bottom of the ears. This short cut, which is in the same vein as the micro-fringe, with its straight cut and its structure, is already a great success, particularly with the Kardashian family. Simple to work with, what makes the cut so unique is that there isn’t a lot of texture in this cut.

The French bob

To embody the modern woman, with a short hairstyle in tune with the times, what do you say about the sublime “French bob”? Cut at the jaw and chin, this variation of the classic bob is characterized not only by its shape but also its original length. So what are you waiting for to make an appointment with your hairdresser?

Sources: Dessange / Franck Provost

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