Short-time work and home office: Employers get good Corona grades

Short-time work and home office
Employers get good corona grades

The pandemic is affecting working people. Many have financial losses due to short-time working, jobs are at risk. Home office creates stress. However, this is not chalked up against employers.

The result is clear: 86 percent of employees in the private sector are satisfied with the behavior of their employer even during the Corona crisis. That is the result of a representative survey from November that was carried out on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The answers of the West Germans do not differ from those of the East Germans, nor do the assessments of younger and older employees differ. However, income has an influence on attitudes towards employers. In the group of those who earn more than 3500 euros a month, the approval rate is particularly high at 93 percent. But 78 percent of the low-wage earners are also satisfied. "We are still in the middle of the pandemic," says Detlef Hollmann, an economic expert at the Bertelsmann Foundation, "but we can already say that companies have thought and acted in an employee-oriented manner when managing the pandemic."

65 percent of the respondents answer that their employer helped employees with children to combine work and family during the Corona crisis. Almost two thirds of the respondents see the endeavors in companies to approach this much discussed topic constructively. The different answers also show, however, that the higher the income and the level of formal education, the higher the agreement that employers helped with the reconciliation.

90 percent of respondents say that their company has taken measures to prevent employees from becoming infected. Neither the type of occupation nor the level of education nor the income of the respondents make a significant difference here.