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Should we prepare to live in total confinement as in Italy? After the last announcements of the Elysee concerning the Covid-19, the question arises more and more. For the moment, no need to panic. Supermarkets remain open and there is no shortage of recipes to feast on without shopping or with very few ingredients. This does not prevent some people from panicking and preparing for the worst: a total shortage. They then transform their apartment or house into a pantry, as videos on Twitter show. If it is useless to get there, and sometimes even dangerous (think of others and especially isolated people), we have put together a little survival guide to do your shopping well during containment.

Food survival stock: get inspired by survivalists

If they are extreme, the survivalists have managed to reduce their shopping list to the bare minimum by betting on home-made. We thus find:

  • of the wheat flour : bread, pasta, gnocchi … Flour is a essential ingredient. In addition to being considered non-perishable, it is the basis of many preparations. Enough to vary the pleasures while preparing a menu from starter to dessert. Cookies, cakes, pastries, it even tastes delicious!
  • sugar : to choose between brown sugar, vergeoise and other varieties, it is better to opt for white sugar. Easier to integrate into the various preparations, it also has many unusual uses. If it makes it possible to catch up with an excessively acidic tomato sauce or extend shelf life jams or cheese, it is also used in the garden or to maintain the house.
  • salt : do you love Himalayan salt? So are we, but it is not he who will save your life. Renowned for store food, in the kitchen, it is used to make delicious crusted dishes, to perfume soups and veloutés or for salt pasta water.
  • rice and quinoa: unlike pasta, we impossible to make these products. Non-perishable, plan to make yourself a small stock so as not to run out. In the kitchen, if we love to taste them in a risotto-style salad or with a curry. You can also make arancini, these Italian rice balls or vegetarian steaks. Confinement: how to make your own homemade pasta easily?
  • legumes: chickpeas, lentils, coral lentils, white or red beans. Whether canned or dry, legumes are real nuggets for your plates. In addition to being high in protein, you can do whatever you want with it. Spreads, chili, gratins, steaks, you can even use it to make pastry ! Find out how with the secrets of aquafaba.

Make it all home: our tip to avoid shortage

In confinement, you have time to transform Batch cooking into daily exercise. Sweet and savory recipes, you can do it all at home. A fun, economical and practical way to eat a myriad of products with just a few ingredients. Sliced ​​bread, casserole bread, nuggets, cheese, pizza, crisps, beer, wine or apple juice: discover all our recipes to become a magician with three times nothing! Do you want to make provisions for the following months? You can also get started the beautiful adventure cans and homemade jars. Jams, pickles, sauces … The prospects are endless. And if you don't have the hand to become a real cordon bleu, you still have freezing option !

Whether you decide to stock up on groceries or live from day to day, you should know thatno food shortage is to be expected ! The shelves are stocked regularly, so the supermarkets will not be empty this evening. To avoid spoiling or living in a kitchen cupboard, shop responsibly, without forgetting to take with you the certificate for special travel to print, keep on your phone or copy.

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