Shortly before his comeback: Hans Meiser is dead! The RTL presenter was only 77 years old


Hans Meiser could be heard and seen on the radio, in talk and quiz shows and in various other entertainment formats. Now Meiser died unexpectedly at the age of just 77.

Hans Meiser in “Neo Magazine Royale” from 2015 (Source: ZDF)

The German media landscape mourns Hans Meiser. The TV and radio presenter died of heart failure on November 6, 2023 at the age of 77. Meiser’s death was confirmed by the radio station Radio Wellenrausch, which had just been founded by Meiser.

Hans Meiser could be heard on the radio as a teenager and then made the jump to television in the eighties. At the start of the TV channel RTLplus, Meiser moderated the news and was later successfully used in various other program formats.

A talk show named after Meiser ran for nine years on RTL, which made daily talk programs really successful in Germany. Meiser also cut a good figure as a quiz show host and as a humorous sidekick alongside Birgit Schrowange in “Life! Stupid”.

His comeback had just started

In 2015, Meiser had a funny appearance as a “little man” in Jan Böhmermann’s Neo Magazine Royale, but the collaboration ended when Meiser spread conspiracy theories for an online platform in the style of a news presenter.

After that it became quiet for Meiser, who was planning his big comeback in 2023. On October 29, 2023, Meiser’s new radio station Radio Wellenrausch started, eight days later Meiser died in Scharbeutz.

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