Shot down by US fighter jet – Unidentified flying object discovered over northern Canada – News

  • An unidentified flying object has been spotted and shot down over northern Canada.
  • According to a tweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered a US fighter jet shot down.
  • According to the Ministry of Defense, it should have been a small cylindrical object.

An unidentified flying object was spotted over northern Canada on Saturday. A US fighter jet then took it out of the sky on the orders of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He confirmed this on Twitter.

“Canadian and American fighter jets were involved in the downing over the Yukon Territory,” Trudeau continued. Finally, an American F-22 aircraft fired at the object.

“The Canadian armed forces will now recover and analyze the debris from the object,” said the Canadian head of state in another tweet. He also discussed the matter with US President Joe Biden. Trudeau also thanked the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

The White House also commented on Saturday evening. On the recommendation of the military, the flying object was shot down out of caution, the US government announced. The two heads of government, Trudeau and Biden, finally approved the deal together.


Justin Trudeau thanked North American Air Defense for their service.

Keystone/Darryl Dyck (archive)

Initially, however, the origin and purpose of the flying object remained unclear. The only thing that is clear is that it was a small, cylindrical object. This was confirmed by the Canadian Ministry of Defense.

It was only on Friday that the US military shot down a suspected similar aircraft over Alaska. This was justified with a threat to civil aviation.

About a week ago, the US Air Force also shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon. A similar balloon had also been sighted over Colombia. China claims these were civilian research balloons.

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