“Should I insult players?”: Hertha “shocked” their own coach

“Should I insult players?”
Hertha “shocked” their own coach

Hertha BSC has made a veritable false start in the Bundesliga: three games, three defeats. Ironically, the expected bankruptcy against FC Bayern Munich causes disbelief among the capital city. The trainer is shocked.

How disappointed can a Bundesliga coach be with his team? Well, Pal Dardai can be taken as a measure from now on. From now on, “1 Dardai” stands for “very, very disappointed”. After the 0: 5 clap at FC Bayern, a lot broke out of the sports manager at Hertha BSC. “We didn’t offer anything, not a duel, not playfully,” said the downcast Hungarian after the final whistle on “Sky” and added: “You only saw the team. That wasn’t a nice feeling.” The situation of his team is “shocking”.

It was 0: 2 at the break, after the bankruptcies against 1. FC Köln and VfL Wolfsburg at the start, the third defeat in a row was long since looming. Sure, he was still trying to “build up the team”, but any faint hope that was still there, said goodbye four minutes after the restart: “Then an individual mistake made it 3-0 – and we had no more chance.” Bayern’s Jamal Musiala finally put the lid on with his 3-0 win, Robert Lewandowski finally turned the clear defeat into a debacle for the guests with his goals two and three in the evening. They now go into the international break with zero points and 1:10 (!) Goals as bottom of the table.

“It’s good that there is now a break, then we can make a fresh start,” said Dardai at the press conference after the disaster. “We have to forget this game. But we mustn’t sweep it under the carpet either.” In his analyzing monologue, Dardai was noticeably still under the impression of a terrifying idea. He expected more performance from his team in Munich. “I didn’t think we’d come here and play so shocking. We didn’t have a chance today. The body language, the insecurity – that’s not nice. You need leading players. We have to worry.” And no, “being Hertha at this moment is not the best thing.”

“That’s not how football works”

The Berliners seemed overwhelmed and like a relegated early in the season. Dardai’s team did not take place offensively, among other things because the Munich team went into the duels more viciously and effortlessly bought the guts of their opponents. Hertha was therefore primarily concerned with preventing further hits. She was very fortunate that Bayern often missed the last pass or didn’t get it too accurately, and because of their great superiority, they even scored too few goals. It could have been worse.

Sports director Arne Friedrich was also shocked: “The disappointment is very big. Losing 5-0 at Bayern is hard, I have to say that honestly. Bayern are not that well-rehearsed either and losing here is bitter. That we definitely imagined differently, “said the former Hertha professional. “We are now on the international break and will sit down to analyze everything. We have to question what we did not do right. We are through in the cup and have lost the first few games. That is an absolute false start, but we will get the situation right evaluate.”

After the two opening defeats (1: 3 in Cologne, 1: 2 against VfL Wolfsburg) they actually traveled to the record champions with a positive expectation: “Maybe I underestimated the game. I thought we could go to Bayern we’re really passionate about playing top or flop. That wasn’t the case. ” Even the “half-time analysis scared me a bit, the team apparently couldn’t cope with the first two defeats.” However, that was not foreseeable during the week. “You need leading players, especially in important moments. In the first half there was no coaching on the pitch, I didn’t see any aggressive announcements, everyone was busy with themselves. That is not how football works.”

“Should I insult the players?”

At the end of a bitter game, Dardai, who had saved the club from relegation last season, for his part refrained from intervening too intensively in the game. “What should I do? Should I insult the players?”, He asked and gave the answer himself. No, “Leave them alone, they just want to finish the game. Everyone should go to their family, the game is nice tick it off. It doesn’t get us anywhere to deal with it. ” After this game there is simply nothing to analyze in terms of sport.

Analysis or ticking off: Now a very important phase is approaching Dardai, who also wants to do integration work: “Some players were busy in the summer, were at the Olympics, newcomers came late. We have a lot to do for two weeks now, but things are coming new players too. ” In addition, injured players would have the chance to heal injuries. In addition to a frustrating experience, they brought two injuries from Munich: The offensive player Stevan Jovetic, who had been substituted after 20 minutes, suffered a calf injury. Center forward Davie Selke, who was replaced after an hour, broke his rib. Selke, the best goalscorer from preparation, was “initially out for training and matches,” the club announced in the morning.

It is unclear whether Jovetic and Selke will be ready for the next Bundesliga game. Then at least the injured leader Kevin-Prince Boateng, who had been brought to the team as an “aggressive leader” before the season, should return. Center forward Krzysztof Piatek could also be back for the targeted restart almost four months after breaking his foot in May. When it starts again, that is clear, countable items must be delivered immediately. Because then it goes against the two promoted teams in a row: “Against Bochum and Fürth,” knows defender Niklas Stark, “we should definitely score points.” Oh yeah.