Should self-service scooters be scrapped?

The ecological argument

No exhaust, so not polluting, scooters? Nothing could be more false. Take the manufacture of the aluminum frame or that of the mini-batteries. The lifespan in Paris of these electric devices often produced in China is calculated, at best, in months. In 2019, the Arcadis firm estimated that the carbon footprint of a scooter, per kilometer, was much worse than that of public transport and a car with three passengers.

The security argument

THE “skateboards”, as the actor Vincent Lindon calls them, not really a fan, weave their way between cars and pedestrians like in the interstices of the highway code. As they have no license plate, users borrow them without helmets and without precautions, and park them anywhere. In the fall of 2022, David Belliard, deputy mayor (EELV) in charge of transport in Paris, highlighted an increase in accidents “by 189% since 2019”.

The manifestation argument

Put across the roads, the scooters can constitute barricades during the demonstrations against the reform of the pensions which end in water of pudding. Between bus shelters, billboards, Vélib’, bank or McDonald’s storefronts, the list of mistreated street furniture is already long enough. No need to add an object already described by Extinction Rebellion as “the quintessence of the worst that green capitalism has produced”.

The ecological counter-argument

The City of Paris has decided to put an end to all-cars. Why attack electric scooters, which emit no greenhouse gases? While the metros and buses are often crowded, this is an additional offer for the 450,000 people who use them each month, according to the operators. Not to mention that we have never heard residents complaining about their non-existent noise pollution.

The security counter-argument

Since a decree of July 30, 2019, self-service copies must be parked only in reserved parking lots. The minimum age for driving an electric scooter will be raised from 12 to 14 years old, Transport Minister Clément Beaune announced on Wednesday March 29. Fines will increase from 35 to 135 euros to sanction traffic on prohibited lanes, or for two people on the same scooter. In addition, the speed is limited to 10 km/h on certain axes and it is forbidden to exceed 25 km/h anywhere in the capital. The amount of the fine, which can reach 1,500 euros, is rather dissuasive.

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The demonstration counter-argument

The traffic disruption at the RATP does not allow you to go to the demonstrations during the strikes? You can swell the ranks of the procession using self-service scooters. Evil spirits might point out that to flee a police charge or black blocks, nothing like a machine that can go up to 25 km/h.

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