Should you wet your dog or cat when it’s very hot?


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Taking care of your pet is essential. And when the mercury rises, you have to be doubly vigilant about your health. Is it a good idea to wet it during a heat wave?

You have to be honest, nobody likes the heat wave. We sweat, we are soft, we have trouble moving around, sports sessions are complicated, we are thirsty, we have trouble sleeping. And if we suffer so much from the heat, we must not forget that our four-legged friends, too. Dogs and cats are also sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. It is therefore necessary to take care of your dog and your cat when it is very hot. Some of you may be in the habit of jumping into the cool sea, or taking an icy shower on your way home from work. But don’t let yourself be tempted by a very bad idea: reproduce on your animal this delicious experience for you.

Dogs and cats have a higher body temperature than ours, and therefore risk a Thermal shock if you immerse them in ice water. Hear us out, if your Labrador voluntarily throws himself into the English Channel to do a few breaststrokes, great good for him (and good luck for the smell of wet dog and stuck hairs), but don’t immerse him in it. yourself. In fact, pets know in principle self-regulate their body temperature alone and suffer the heat wave less than we do. But you can still help them through this period in an optimal way.

Some tips to refresh your pet

For those who have a dog, prefer early morning and late evening walks, when the temperatures are at their lowest (we don’t ask you to set an alarm clock at 3am either). Consider having several bowls and water bowls at home, so that your pet can hydrate regularly and everywhere. Finally, if your pet stays outside, provide him with a shady spot so he could lay down on it. You can wet it with a glove and water at room temperature. And never, ever leave your dog in your car in the sun, it’s abuse.

For those who have a cat, the same goes for water sources and shaded areas. Additionally, you can mix the mash with water to moisturize it a little “forcibly”. You can also wet it slightly if he accepts it with a glove or your hands. And if not, you can try the paper towel technique placed in the freezer 10 minutes (which you then put on his back or stomach), again, if he doesn’t get his claws out.

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