Shoulder pads: An old trend with a new look

Shoulder pads come back to life. Whether casual, serious or masculine: The extravagant eye-catchers can be styled according to your mood.

They conjure up a straight line and radiate fashionable self-confidence: shoulder pads have long since left their dusty eighties image and found their way into the international fashion scene. They not only shine in the showrooms of well-known designers, but also convince in everyday life. Combined with the right parts, the trend of the past becomes a futuristic eye-catcher in no time at all.

Perfect for the transition

When styling shoulder pads, it is important to make the top the center of the look. The extravagance of the cut is statement enough and usually doesn't get along well with rivals. The combination therefore works best with simple skinny jeans or skirts. TV presenter Annemarie Carpendale (42) wears a destroyed-look denim skirt with her shoulder pad tank top, complemented by subtle jewelry.

TV presenter Rabea Schif (42) has the right outfit ready for cooler autumn days. Her lilac-colored two-piece suit consisting of a skirt and short blazer is an example of what shoulder pads can do. They not only give the look a certain coolness, they also make the waist look significantly narrower by highlighting the shoulders. Schif also supports this effect with a belt on the skirt, high-waist trousers are also an option.

From glamorous to rock

An eye-catcher during the day and even more so in the evening: shoulder pads make for a grand entrance. Not least because the break in styles makes their combination so exciting. However, if you only think of glamorous evening gowns, such as those presented by actress Tilda Swinton (59, "Suspiria"), you should risk a look outside the box. Like fashion entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni (33), who stylishly takes on the calf-length leather dress with masculine shoulders.

Ferragni is tall and slim, she can definitely wear shoulder pads. But even petite people don't have to shy away from the trend. Anyone who pays attention to the correct observance of the proportions can – regardless of whether large or small – land a hit with trendy shoulder pad parts.