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Shy’m discovers the joys of motherhood. Close to her fans, the singer shares with them her new life as a mother on social networks. After revealing to them photos of her pregnancy, but also of the birth of her son, the juror of Dance with the stars continues to share the news about the newborn through adorable photos. On Friday February 5, 2021, the performer of the titles And so, we don't care about us and Victory posted on Instagram a selfie taken during a very intimate moment.

On it, we see him breastfeeding his son. With a smile on his face, the artist captioned his publication: "So far, so good", accompanied by a bottle emoji and heart. A moment that cracked his followers who have liked the cliché nearly 63,000 times in a few hours. "Mom Tamara very pretty. You are magnificent in this role full of kisses to your baby", "You are so radiant", "The beauty of the madre what!" or "So happy for you, you have finally realized one of your most precious dreams, to become a mother and you are a beautiful mother. Take good care of yourself and your little guy", can we read among the many comments left by his fond fans.

Shy'm's loving message to his son on the day he was born

Eager not to be the victim of stolen photos, Shy’m prefers to give news of her baby herself, whose name she has not yet released. On January 27, 2021, it was also on Instagram that the artist announced the birth of her son, writing: "Buried my selfish sorrows and sorrows. Goodbye Futile, navel, melancholy shadow. January 22, 21… and since then, the most beautiful dark circles of my life. New, alive, to you, Thank you ". A few months earlier, it was in the clip of her title Boy that she unveiled her baby bump for the first time without anyone expecting it.

"I wanted to control this ad as much as possible. I didn't want to make a vulgar post on Instagram, II did not want to find myself pictured without my knowledge in tabloid newspapers. So the best way to do it was with music. It will also leave a memory for my child ", she explained in the columns of the Parisian October 2020.

Check out the adorable snap of Shy'm breastfeeding her son, here.

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