Shy’m sexy: she reveals her belly and dares to wear a trendy piece of summer: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


What are the trends to adopt for this summer 2020? To find out, just take a look at Shy’m’s Instagram account. With each of its publications, the 34-year-old young woman takes the essentials of the moment while being faithful to her trendy style as well as sportswear.

In true fashion chameleon, the singer is not afraid of anything and does not hesitate to update the hip bag, star accessory of the 90s. Inspired by this decade, Shy'm has fun coming out of the closet the famous jogging and the sweatshirt oversize hooded. Would the beautiful brunette be in a nostalgic mood? No, it is simply at the forefront of fashion!


If on stage the interpreter of Woman of color is more inflammatory than ever in transparent body thong and fine lingerie, she chooses less extravagant looks in everyday life. Who says less crazy does not mean less sexy! On his last post, Shy’m demonstrated that Bermuda shorts, must have of this summer, can turn out to be ultra-stylish and feminine

Shy’m a sensation in Bermuda shorts

Everything suits him! Whether it's the feathered coat worn with fishnet tights or even the jogging suit, Shy’m never ceases to impress with his pronounced taste for fashion. And it's not over ! It is unthinkable for the protege of the singer K-Maro not to take in flight the trend of Bermuda shorts. Between the shorts and the 7/8 pants, this stocking made a resounding and quite surprising return to the catwalks during the last spring-summer 2020 fashion week.

Very playful with the most fashionable it-pieces, Shy’m therefore decided to take the Bermuda shorts to create a look of the day as sexy as relaxed. The new actress has set her sights on a denim model in raw denim and slightly tapered at the bottom. After exposing his wasp waist in a mini bikini, the artist retried the experience by donning a two-tone ribbed crop top. All the trends are indeed present in this new set.

If the show’s jury Dance with the stars conquered followers with her new hairstyle, she also put the miracles full by revealing her flat stomach and dreamy curves highlighted in these ultra-tight Bermuda shorts. The comments could not be more explicit: "Beauty", "This body", "This beauty", "Canon!". And you, are you going to let yourself be tempted by the Bermuda shorts?

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