Sidetrade: annual turnover up 13%

( — side trade , an Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to securing and generating business cashflow, posted annual revenue for 2022 up 13% to €36.8 million. This performance is based on the strong growth of international business which represents, for the first time in its history, 54% of total turnover, 24% of which already comes from North America.

In fiscal year 2022, the total value of new subscription contracts over their initial firm commitment periods (excluding renewal and excluding the provision of services) peaked for the first time at €20.7 million compared to €12.9 million in 2021, i.e. an increase of +60%. This leap can be explained in particular by an extension of the initial duration of commitment of new customers (excluding renewals) which goes from 36.2 to 44.9 months, thus reinforcing the strong predictability of the model.

In 2022, international represents 66% of total order intake, largely driven by numerous commercial successes recorded in the United States.

The group points out that all of its multi-year contracts are indexed to inflation (Syntec for Southern Europe, UK CPI for Northern Europe or even US CPI for the United States), which allows price changes to be passed on to the total amount of SaaS subscriptions each year. Sidetrade therefore has excellent pricing power, protecting the company’s future earnings from uncertainties and inflationary pressures.


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