Siegfried & Roy: That happens with Bully's biopic about the magician duo

Siegfried & Roy
This is what happens with Bully's biopic about the magician duo

Siegfried and Roy come to the big screen

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The death of Siegfried Fischbacher has no effect on the UFA biopic "Siegfried & Roy". Filming is planned for 2022.

The production company UFA Fiction has been working on a biopic about the magicians Siegfried Fischbacher (1939-2021) and Roy Horn (1944-2020) for over four years. Roy Horn died on May 8, 2020 as a result of a coronavirus disease. Now, according to media reports, Siegfried Fischbacher also died on January 13th after suffering from severe cancer. The film project "Siegfried & Roy", for which Michael Bully Herbig (52, "Ballon") is responsible as director and screenwriter, is progressing further, UFA Fiction announced. The shooting is planned for 2022.

"Siegfried's death is infinitely sad. We started our joint film project over four years ago; now it is up to us to do justice to Siegfried and Roy's great life's work," explains producer and UFA managing director Nico Hofmann (61). They want to set a monument to the magician duo with the biopic.

The final version of the script has Siegfried's "personal blessing"

The script development is "very advanced", adds Sebastian Werninger, producer and managing director of UFA Fiction. In December the final details were agreed with Siegfried Fischbacher and the final version of the script had its "personal blessing". Shooting will begin in 2022. "Siegfried's death hits us very hard, the greater the responsibility is to do justice to this incredible life's achievement with a cinematic narrative," continued Werninger.

"I am infinitely grateful for the trust that Siegfried and Roy have placed in me and I will do everything to ensure that this film does justice to these two exceptional artists," says Michael Bully Herbig. He deeply regrets that he no longer had the opportunity to personally say goodbye to Siegfried. "In heaven you can now look forward to the greatest show of all time!" Promises Herbig.

Siegfried Fischbacher previously described the biopic in a press release on the project as "our personal and emotional journey" that focuses on "how the connection between us built our careers and led to our successes". Details on a possible theatrical release or the cast are not yet known.