Siemens: shore power installation at the Port of Kiel

( – Siemens announced on Wednesday that it has been selected by Seehafen Kiel, the operator of the Port of Kiel, for the construction of a shore power supply facility.

The industrial group was commissioned by the operator of this port located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in northern Germany, to design a system with a power of 50/60 Hz intended for cruise ships and ferries.

A second 50 Hz equipment must only be dedicated to ferries.

While ships in stopover are usually powered by their diesel engines, the installation of an electrical infrastructure at the quay makes it possible to avoid this particularly polluting solution.

The Siemens installation, which promises to be one of the largest in Europe, should allow when it comes into service in 2023 to supply green electricity to up to six boats simultaneously.

The total amount of the investment is estimated at around 17 million euros.

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