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From February 8, 2021, Whatsapp reserves the right to share your data with Facebook. If you have not already done so, you will receive a message in the days and weeks to come inviting you to accept the new conditions of use of the platform. These conditions imply that you will give your consent for the application to share your personal information (phone number, full name, IP address, etc.) with all companies belonging to Facebook. European users are better off than others, since they are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which regulates data collection. However, if you decline the update, your account will be suspended until you change your mind and your archives are temporarily frozen. Here are the alternatives available to you if, like millions of people, you want to change your voicemail.

Signal, the new application in vogue

Since the announcement of these changes in terms of use on Whatsapp (which has nearly 2 billion users worldwide), other applications have seen their number of downloads soar. This is notably the case with Signal, which rose to the top of downloads on the various stores at the start of the year, with several million new subscribers. Developed by an American company, it guarantees optimal protection of user data (data encryption, possibility of destroying messages after discussion), with functionalities very similar to those of Whatsapp. It was also praised by Elon Musk who tweeted "Use Signal". Which, ironically, propelled the stock market share by 91% … of the toothpaste brand!

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Telegram, popular again

Maybe you've heard of Telegram before? This Russian application was developed by political opponents and was widely popularized a few years ago as "terrorists' favorite messenger". And for good reason, it has a very sophisticated encryption system. Thanks to Whatsapp’s announcement, she said she passed the threshold of 500 million active users within days. Free, like Signal, it still has a weak point. To have access to maximum protection of your data, you must activate the option in the settings. It does not switch on by default. Information that probably escapes most new users who are simply anxious to move away from Whatsapp, a new evil object.

Viber, the return of a forgotten application

If you are new to Viber, this is an instant messaging app, just like Whatsapp and the rest of its competition. It also shares a logo similar to Facebook's messaging, but in purple. Ten years old on the market, it has built its communication on the fact that its servers do not keep traces of interactions between users, whether the latter take place through messages or calls. Exactly like the other applications mentioned above, it provides end-to-end encryption of your exchanges. You will understand, it also capitalizes on data security which is today threatened by Facebook. Its strong point compared to its competitors is that it allows to have group conversations without limit of participants, calls of 20 people and even community conversations.

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