Significant difference in incidence figures between vaccinated and unvaccinated people

In Austria, seven-day incidences by vaccination status and age group are published for the first time. A seven-day value of almost 200 makes it clear that the incidence in unvaccinated people is continuously increasing. It is highest among 18- to 59-year-olds, as is the case Ages reportedly the agency for health and food security. Among the vaccinated, the incidence is more than five times lower at 34.88.

For Martin Moder (33), Viennese molecular biologist and author of popular science books, the figures make it clear: “We could end this pandemic at any time,” the researcher writes on Twitter. “It’s the unvaccinated people who make the numbers rise.” And the scientist adds: “Even if there is blurring, if nobody notices anything about the virus, the pandemic is over.”