SII: first quarter growth and bright prospects – 08/10/2022 at 6:05 pm

(AOF) – The SII group, a specialist in the engineering professions, has unveiled its turnover for the first quarter of the 2022/2023 financial year, which shows an increase of 27.4%, to 238.5 million. euros. This performance was fueled by an activity rate at its highest for almost three years, a change in the workforce linked to the level of recruitment in the previous financial year and an excellent commercial performance by all the teams, indicates the company.

In France, the SII group achieved a turnover of 102.0 million euros during this period, representing entirely organic growth of 13.0%.

Internationally, it recorded an increase of 40.9%, to 136.5 million euros.

“This first quarter of the 2022/2023 financial year is a continuation of the previous one and thus shows a very good performance. In a worsening macroeconomic context, demand over this quarter remained at a high level and our teams took advantage of the opportunities thus created. This first quarter perfectly launches our new financial year and secures our scenario for the first half-year”, commented Eric Matteucci, Chairman of the Management Board.

In terms of outlook, the group is counting on double-digit organic revenue growth, now expected to exceed 20% in the first half, and an operating margin of between 9 and 10%, subject to an evolution without major change in the health and geopolitical situation.


Maximum staff turnover

Companies in the IT services sector have seen the departure of more than 20% of their workforce in twelve months. This trend is not unusual in the sector, but it is reaching an unprecedented scale, in a context of strong growth and good recruitment dynamics. In addition, employees have new requirements and aspirations. The main criterion is the flexibility of work and the way it is implemented in the company. The American-Indian company Cognizant saw around 35% of its 330,000 engineers leave the company in one year. Capgemini, grouping 32,000 French employees, recently suffered its first strike since 2008, with a demand for a collective increase in remuneration.

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