Silbereisen congratulates: The big hit anniversary !: This is how Hape Kerkeling performed with Black Fööss

The fans could hardly wait for the appearance on "Congratulations from Silbereisen". But Hape Kerkeling's TV comeback was a bit short …

It was eagerly awaited, but then most of his fans were a little disappointed: The TV comeback of Hape Kerkeling (55) on "Silbereisen congratulates. The big hit anniversary!" turned out to be very short in the end. But first things first: Showmaster Florian Silbereisen (39) invited the Who's Who of the German hit scene once again in the first and many responded to his call.

In the Saturday evening show, Stefan Mross (44) and his Anna-Carina Woitschack (27), Matthias Reim (62) and family, once more Roland Kaiser (68), but also Thomas Anders (57), Giovanni Zarrella (42 ), Nino de Angelo (56), Michelle (48) and Marianne Rosenberg (65) the honor. Time and again, Silbereisen joined the stage, for example to sing his mega-hit "Santa Maria" together with Zarella and Kaiser.

This is how Hape Kerkeling's performance went

Many spectators were of course eagerly awaiting the moment when Hape Kerkeling finally took the stage. The entertainer actually ended his TV career in 2014 and has rarely been seen on stages since then, much less on TV shows. The first announced a joint appearance with the Cologne cult band Black Fööss in advance – and to be honest, it wasn't more than that. Kerkeling took the stage with the musicians and trilled a song, of course about the city on the Rhine.

Then he made a short publicity for his new film "The Boandlkramer and Eternal Love" by and with Michael Bully Herbig (52), in which he gives the devil. But then Kerkeling disappeared from the stage again – unfortunately. The somewhat dusty event would certainly have been a touch more Kerkeling with its incomparable esprit.