Silent Hill: Towards the announcement of a new game? New info could make things happen

South Korea’s Game Classification Committee rated an unannounced Silent Hill gameafter more than a year of constant reports and rumors that Konami would like to revive the horror franchise.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

A game called “Silent Hill: The Short Message” was rated by South Korea’s gaming classification committee on Monday, without any platform being specified.

As reported Gematsuthe publisher would be the company UNIANA, to whom we owe the recent free-to-play fiasco, eFootball 2023and regularly publishes Konami games in South Korea.

Unfortunately, and once again (sorry), we don’t know what it is. It is unknown if The Short Message will be a new installment of Silent Hill, a teaser, a spin-off or a mobile game. Given the production of arcade terminals by UNIANA, it could even be a new arcade game from Silent Hill for what we know.

A new PT?

Some have speculated that the title might hint at a playable teaser, much like the late PT, which would serve as an introduction to a new Silent Hill developed for the PS5 called Silent Hill: Sakura.

We can therefore wonder if we will have news of Silent Hill next month, on the occasion ofHalloweenwhy not, or even Game Awards in Decemberbut given Konami’s track record, especially around this franchise, no one will blame you if you don’t hold your breath.

In any case, the South Korean game classification committee has in the past been a reliable source of information on games before their official release.

As Halloween approaches, this crossover mod between Silent Hill and Elden Ring will undoubtedly make you shiver… others !

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