Silent Hill: Townfall, a strange game announced by the developers of Stories Untold

During his Transmission dedicated to the return of the franchise silent Hill, Konami unveiled several unexpected titles, such as Silent Hill: Townfall, a game developed by Code No.already behind the very nice adventure games Stories Untold and Observation in partnership with Annapurna Interactive.

For now, this Silent Hill: Townfall remains very enigmatic, we are only entitled to a teaser with a discussion on the radio, the links with the other opuses of the franchise are meager, but it is already about a person stuck in a strange place and judged by unknown people. A person who is obviously not there by chance, we should be entitled to a well-established title in the city of silent Hill all the same, theater of a lot of sordid stories of punishments (and sometimes of redemptions). Following the teaser, the video continues with the intervention of John McKellan, creative director of Silent Hill: Townfall. He obviously presents himself as a fan from the start and wants bring its stone to the building of the license while adding a little noveltyhis studio specializing in the creation of disturbing narrative games.

Silent Hill Townfall has no announced platform let alone a release date, you will have to be patient. But John McKellan specifies that clues are hidden in the teaser, will the Web manage to find them?

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