Silvio Berlusconi: He would have died of his Covid 19 disease in the spring

His doctor is certain: If Silvio Berlusconi had suffered the equally severe corona infection in the spring, he would not have survived.

The attending physician of Silvio Berlusconi (83) finds clear words. In an interview with the Italian television station La7, Professor Alberto Zangrillo once again made it clear how serious the former head of government was. The identical corona infection would have killed Berlusconi in March or April. The viral load in the nasopharyngeal swab was so high that the disease "certainly wouldn't have had such a happy ending as it is now," said the doctor.

In all probability, it would have killed Berlusconi, Zangrillo admitted frankly: "Absolutely yes, very likely yes. And he knows that too." The media mogul and politician has been in inpatient treatment in a Milan hospital for around a week due to his Covid 19 disease. After some frightening reports, it is now in "a more than satisfactory condition". Zangrillo believes that his patient will recover soon.

Berlusconi has been in the clinic for around a week

Silvio Berlusconi tested positive for the coronavirus after traveling to Sardinia. At first it was said that he was completely symptom-free and only in quarantine. A few days later it became known that he was being admitted to hospital with lung problems. In a phone call with party colleagues, Berlusconi is said to have spoken of a "hellish illness", according to Italian media reports. He struggles to escape this.

As early as Tuesday evening, his doctors reported with hopeful words and said that Berlusconi would respond positively to treatment for his bilateral pneumonia. "His illness has taken the hoped-for course," said Zangrillo on Tuesday. At that time, however, he admitted that relapses could occur at any time, since Corona is a malicious virus.