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Faced with the similarities between the two disappearances, the gendarmes of the Toulouse search section decided to contact the authorities who had succeeded in having Jonathann Daval confess.

These are two cases which affected the whole of France. On the one hand Alexia Daval, killed and then burned by her husband Jonathann – who had passed himself off as a horrified widower in front of the camera asking that the culprits be found. On the other hand, Delphine Jubillar, who disappeared in December 2020 three weeks after the end of the Daval trial which will see Jonathann sentenced for the murder of his wife (in November 2020). The husband of the 30-year-old nurse, Cédric Jubillar, is still in solitary confinement in his cell at the Seysses remand center. Supported by a team of three lawyers, he remains the number one suspect among investigators.

Similar companion profiles

According to information from La Dépêche in an article published on Sunday, August 29, 2021, the authorities in charge of the Jubillar case have contacted the Besançon research section to better understand their working methods on the Daval case. In both situations, they face a companion with intriguing first statements. Jonathann Daval had assured that his wife had gone for a jog while Cédric Jubillar explained to have seen his companion out the dogs in the middle of the night. The two households also lived a tumultuous married life. The Jubillars were even on the verge of going their separate ways, and Delphine had a lover.

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A body found burned

In the Davals’ case, Alexia’s lifeless body is found, half-charred in a forest near her home, two days after her disappearance. By keeping an eye on Jonathann and gathering several clues for three months, the authorities of Haute-Saône were able to lead to the custody of the spouse and the obtaining of his first confession. In the Tarn, things are much more complex for the research section in charge of the Jubillar file. Delphine has still not been found either by the authorities or by her friends who continue to beat them every week without losing hope.

At the time of writing, there is no crime scene or witnesses who saw the husband move in the middle of the night between December 15 and 16, when he explains that his wife went out. walk the dogs. Ironically, when a relative of Cédric Jubillar, earlier this year, asked him what he did with his wife, he answers “I buried her on the farm which burned down.” Should we see a sign?

Cédric Jubillar will be heard in October by the investigating judges. Justice is currently studying the request for release initiated by the suspect’s three lawyers. They also endeavor to file a complaint against each death threat received by Jubillar online.

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