Simone Hanselmann: TV star shows herself naked in “Playboy”

Simone Hanselmann
TV star shows herself naked in “Playboy”

The Playboy had already asked Simone Hanselmann.

© imago / Raimund Müller

“The Bergdoktor” star Simone Hanselmann has undressed for “Playboy” and graces the cover of the June issue.

For three years Simone Hanselmann (41) has played the pharmacist Franziska Hochstetter in the popular ZDF series “Der Bergdoktor”. Now the 41-year-old shows herself without a shell in the June issue of the men’s magazine “Playboy”, which had knocked on Hanselmann’s door a long time ago.

The magazine Hanselmann presented an offer for a photo shoot at the age of 20. But the now 41-year-old refused: “The first time I was asked when I was in my early 20s, I was afraid that it could be said that I only owed my career to the photos,” reveals the actress in conversation with the “Playboy”. Today, however, she “felt very flattered”.

And what does your TV colleague, the “mountain doctor” Hans Sigl (51), say about it? He has not yet seen the pictures, says Hanselmann compared to the “Bild” newspaper. And she is also curious about the reactions of the audience: “I hope well. I don’t want to annoy anyone with it. But nobody is forced to look at the pictures either.”