Simone Mecky-Ballack: This is how she thinks about Emmy after her "Celebrity Big Brother" exit

Simone Mecky-Ballack is relieved. The time at "Promi Big Brother" and the conversations "were very exhausting," she says in an interview.

Simone Mecky-Ballack (44) just missed the finale of this year's "Celebrity Big Brother" season. On Wednesday (August 26th) she drew the short straw against co-nominee Emmy Russ (21) and had to leave fairyland. Ironically, against Emmy, who had made the 44-year-old almost desperate not only once. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Mecky-Ballack said after moving out: "It only annoys me because I know very well that she's not stupid."

How did you experience the first few hours after moving out?

Simone Mecky-Ballack: The hours after moving out totally passed me by. I was tired and broken and a bit relieved that I could get out now. Finally clean clothes and a bed again. The last few days have been really exhausting, including the conversations. After ten days in the dirt, my strength was a bit at the end.

You clashed with some young comrades-in-arms. How bad were your nerves?

Mecky-Ballack: In normal life, I probably wouldn't get together with one or the other person – and I wouldn't want to get together either. That is why some conflicts would not take place because I would leave the field beforehand. But in such a confined space you can't get out of these situations. You can still hear the conversation three meters away, even if you don't want to hear it. It's a constant burden.

After the "Hour of Truth" you all embraced each other in forgiveness. More appearance than reality?

Mecky-Ballack: From my side it was completely real. Conflicts were shown that sometimes took place days and weeks ago. And in such a format there is a completely different era. Every day is like a week and every week is like a month. It all felt like a long time ago for me, so I could only laugh about it.

So everything is settled between you and Emmy?

Mecky-Ballack: In the end, there wasn't anything I hadn't told her personally. For me it was simply incomprehensible when you discuss something with people, they turn around and then do exactly the opposite. In my opinion, this is completely resistant to advice. But she obviously gets away with it. It only annoys me because I know very well that she's not stupid.

What do you mean by that?

Mecky-Ballack: Emmy would sometimes position himself in front of the camera and say things that you know for sure that were pulling by the hair. As if, at the age of 21, she didn't know what the word "vain" means. You can tell me a lot, but it was clear to me that this was all just for show.

You have been regularly nominated by Kathy Kelly on the grounds that you don't get along very well. Did you feel the same way?

Mecky-Ballack: Zero point zero. I really like Kathy. I never had an argument with her, never a stupid conversation. On the contrary, only positive things. So I really don't know where this is coming from. Or maybe it was a kind of elimination process for her, like the one I had to decide for Sascha that one day. I was very sorry for that back then, even with most of it.

Your statement that you want to donate the prize money in the event of a win caused criticism.

Mecky-Ballack: I don't even know why you get upset about something like that and why I criticize it as negative. Sure, 100,000 euros is a lot of money for me, too, and I'm not a super-rich queen either. But I just have the feeling that a man of 82 who has to do this to himself somehow to survive has made the money more.

So you wish Werner Hansch the victory?

Mecky-Ballack: As before. The others will surely make their way more or less and still have many opportunities to earn money if they pick up a little bit.