Simone’s JT 46: Millie Bobby Brown deemed “too much makeup”, news from Michel Sardou and the UN vs France: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

On the program in this news, we will take stock of Millie Bobby Brown’s famous makeup in the Netlfix film The Lady and the Dragonon the confessions of Michel Sardou in his music sung recently at La Défense in concert and on the reproaches of the UN concerning the treatment of France towards its ecological demonstrators.

Millie Bobby Brown deemed ‘too much makeup’

Discovered in the famous series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is the headliner of the new Netflix film The Lady and the Dragon. A film ofheroic fantasy who wants to break this trend of the damsel in distress, hence the English title “Damsel”. Besides, it was released on March 8, International Women’s Day, coincidence? Anyway, like Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean or Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic WorldMillie Bobby Brown joins the line of actresses who arrive strangely to keep a makeup Perfect while his life is clearly in danger. They have just completed the cardio equivalent of three marathons and their makeup East flawless ! However, compared to other actresses, she is criticized for having makeup that is too modern, too 2024 for a fantasy period film. Millie had accustomed the crowds to make-up free Yet. But that was to better promote her facial care brand. So, the real question is, Millie did you use your brand’s lip gloss for the shoot?

News from Michel Sardou

Last Saturday March 16, Michel Sardou was in concert at Paris La Défense. And Michel, he’s a classy guy, he’s not touchy… He doesn’t hold grudges… He’s absolutely not the type to fall into targeted mockery of a person, who would be similar to harassment… Like us! It seems that the singer would have signed his song “I’m going to love you” to Sandrine Rousseau. Song that the singer could no longer write today, he says: “I took advantage of it, but for young people today, it’s not going to be easy. A young man who places his hand without consent on the hand of a young woman is in direct custody. If he has the audacity to want to put his hand elsewhere, it’s Fleury-Mérogis“. Indeed, this declaration did not pass for everyone, as revealed The Parisian, who was present. While some spectators smiled, others exchanged embarrassed glances. Some expressed shock at having comments like that in 2024 and some spectators even left the room altogether. Yes, yes, even within its audience, it shocks. Maybe they were wrong and thought they were going to a TED Talk by Michelle Perrot on the social history of women…

The UN vs France

France has a problem with its environmental protesters. The UN says so. Yes, it seems that in the country of human and citizen rights, ecological demonstrators are too violently reprimanded by the CRS. Harassed or even criminalized, they would be considered eco-terrorists, according to the UN rapporteur, Michael Forst. Despite the fact that these activists who attack works in museums annoy some French people, Michel Forst’s mission is to “ensure that people who exercise their rights […] are not in any way penalized, persecuted or subjected to vexatious measures because of their action“. So for the UN: compare a disruptive demonstration or an occupation to organized crime, terrorism and the murders of civilians legitimizing the excessive use of force by the police, the relaying of defamatory remarks in the media, identity checks, searches, seizure of property during peaceful demonstrations, the use of LBD and many other examples, would be undemocratic.

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