Simple hairstyles: ideas and instructions


Sometimes it has to be quick (in the morning), what is more convenient than a simple hairstyle? This makes the hair fit great and you also save time! We'll show you the two most beautiful hairstyles with instructions in the gallery – so you're always in top style and don't even need five minutes!

Simple hairstyles – ideas

The simple hairstyles clearly include the ponytail. If you have fine hair, the low ponytail is a good idea! What you should pay attention to and which variant suits you, you will learn in the following article: The right ponytail for your face shape.


The Half Topknot is one of the absolute trend hairstyles! This is not only the favorite hairstyle of the French women, it is also very popular with us! To do this, you pull your top cover hair together, tie it with a rubber band, but without pulling the hair all the way through. A small loop should still be present. Now you can pluck it a little so that the hairstyle looks undone and doesn't look so strict.

Simple hairstyles for braiding and pinning up

Even with braids, simple hairstyles can be conjured up, such as the braided neck or, as in our instructions above, a braided braid on the back of the head, combined with a bun. Very stylish and fits almost every occasion! There are more simple bun hairstyles and braided hairstyles here.

Simple hairstyles on Bad Hair Day

You don't have to give up on a bad hair day either – grab a towel and pick one of the many beautiful bandana hairstyles. And the day is already saved! So that there are no unruly hair in the morning, you can conjure up beautiful beach waves in your mane overnight.

Tip: Here you will find even more tricks and hairstyles under 10 minutes! And if you are looking for a cool hairstyle for the transition, then you will definitely find your next favorite hairstyle in our transition hairstyles!