Simple lightning recipe: delicious 3-ingredient tomato soup for cold days

Simple lightning recipe
Delicious 3 ingredient tomato soup

Why make it complicated when it can be easy? This tomato soup is quick to make and always a hit.


Tomato soup is not considered an absolute classic among foodies for nothing. You only need three ingredients for this tasty variant and you can quickly enjoy the warming pleasure.

When it’s cold and wet outside, we long for a hot soup that makes us feel good. But many soups require numerous ingredients and we have to invest a lot of time in preparing them. Not anymore! Because this delicious tomato soup is not only simple, but also made in a flash.

Quick recipe: 3-ingredient tomato soup

Since you only need three ingredients for the basic recipe, you can leave the supermarket in no time at all. And walk just as quickly from the kitchen to the living or dining room to enjoy the wonderfully creamy tomato soup. You can see how to prepare the delicious soup in the video.

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