Simply irresistible: Our favorite recipes of the week from April 19th to 25th

Simply irresistible
Our favorite recipes of the week from April 19th to 25th

© Jorma Gottwald

Are you still looking for food inspiration for the coming week? We’ll tell you our favorite recipes for your meal plan from April 19th to 25th. Whether pasta or salad, vegetarian or with meat – there is something for everyone!

The weekly shopping is pending, but you are still undecided which dishes you want to prepare in the next few days? No problem, with our meal plan you can easily plan your meals in advance – we have put together delicious recipes for your lunch or dinner.

Meal Planning: The weekly schedule from April 19th to April 25th

Monday: Palak tofu

Palak tofu

© Thomas Neckermann

We start the new week with a modified recipe from Indian cuisine: Palak is a spinach paste that we prepare vegan with tofu instead of cheese – the dish is on the table in just 25 minutes, and rice, for example, tastes good with it. About the recipe: Palak tofu

Tuesday: Cajun Chicken with Tomato Salad

Cajun chicken with tomato salad

© Tobias Pankrath

For this quick lunch, we marinate chicken fillets with flavorful Cajun yogurt before pan-frying. As a side dish there is a fresh tomato and radish salad with baby spinach and sultanas. About the recipe: Cajun chicken with tomato salad

Wednesday: Kohlrabi and apple soup

Kohlrabi and apple soup with hazelnut pesto

© Tobias Pankrath

There is never anything wrong with a fresh soup! Kohlrabi and apple make an irresistible combination here, and the whole thing is topped off with homemade hazelnut pesto. The soup becomes vegetarian if you prepare it with vegetable stock. About the recipe: Kohlrabi and apple soup with hazelnut pesto

Thursday: pasta and cheese casserole

Pasta and cheese casserole with salad topping

© Jorma Gottwald

Four different types of cheese are hidden in this pasta bake: Cheddar, Gruyère, processed and blue cheese combine to create a taste explosion. On top is a topping made of cucumber, radishes and tomatoes. To the recipe: Pasta and cheese casserole with salad topping

Friday: Salmon pan

Salmon pan

© Maryam Schindler

In this spring-like pan we combine salmon fillets and green and white beans in a creamy mustard sauce. The dish is rounded off with savory and dill – a quick recipe, perfect for starting the weekend! To the recipe: Salmon pan

Saturday: Eggplant mince casserole

Eggplant mince casserole

© Jorma Gottwald

This juicy casserole will delight the whole family: First we sear the minced meat, then the aubergines, before both are layered in a casserole dish and baked with cheese. To the recipe: Eggplant mince casserole

Sunday: zucchini burger

Zucchini burger

© Marie-Therese Cramer

Sure, making burgers yourself is a bit more time-consuming, but it’s worth it! Why not try these vegetarian patties with celery and mushrooms that are stuck between two halves of zucchini buns. So the weekend can end in a delicious and relaxed way. About the recipe: zucchini burger