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Excavations resume in the Ardennes to search for the body of Estelle Mouzin in the presence of Monique Olivier, the ex-companion of Michel Fourniret. The father, Éric Mouzin, has been fighting for the truth since 2003.

Monday August 30, 2021, the excavations to find Estelle Mouzin resume for the last week in the Ardennes, this time, near the house of the late sister of Michel Fourniret. His ex-partner, Monique Olivier, will be on site with Judge Sabine Kheris, who has helped to relaunch the investigation. The judge indeed succeeded in obtaining from Michel Fourniret the confession of the kidnapping and murder of the girl. If the remains of Estelle Mouzin are not found, the investigation could nevertheless be closed, in order to finally be able to open a trial. Monique Olivier has never said precisely where Estelle’s body is likely to be and ensures that she does not know it. She should be tried for complicity in murder in the crimes committed by Michel Fourniret.

The Estelle Mouzin affair has been highly publicized since the girl’s disappearance in 2003. Her father Eric is regularly present in the media to express himself on the rebounds of the investigation. With his Estelle association, he fights to help the parents of missing children, so that their cases are not forgotten.

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Find Estelle and all the other children

Asked by franceinfo in May 2021, Éric Mouzin explains that “The disappearance of Michel Fourniret today is the symbol of the fiasco of the investigation around Estelle, but also in the other cases. Judge Sabine Kheris is trying to find the identity of the people behind the traces of DNA which were found at Michel Fourniret. ” The Estelle Mouzin association manifests every year on May 25, 2021, international day in memory of missing children. Estelle’s father holds on, continues to live. He also calls, in the face of horror, for the media to impose decency on themselves. Eric Mouzin requested in April 2021 that apply “a kind of collective rule to protect listeners, readers, from the most sordid details. This display turns us into voyeurs and takes us into the abject universe of these criminals.”

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