Sing my song: Johannes Oerding becomes the host

"Sing mein Song" officially has a new host: Johannes Oerding slips into the role and meets top-class colleagues.

The successor to Michael Patrick Kelly (42) in "Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert" has been confirmed: In 2021, Johannes Oerding (38) will host the eighth season to host a song swap, as Vox has now announced. And he can look forward to some well-known colleagues.

According to the broadcaster, the next round of the music show will include host Johannes Oerding, who himself was an artist at the exchange concert in 2019, as well as "Mighty Oaks" front man Ian Hooper (27), singer-songwriter Joris (30) and rapper Nura (31). In addition, the Swiss pop and soul singer Stefanie Heinzmann (31), reggae star Gentleman (45), who was an artist in the fourth season in 2017, and DJ BoBo (52) will also take part in the show.

It will probably be shot in Germany

According to Vox, the shooting of the eighth season of "Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert" will probably take place for the first time in Germany at the beginning of next year due to the ongoing corona situation.