Sing my song – The Exchange Concert: Those were the most emotional moments of the season

Sing my song – The Swap Concert
Those were the most emotional moments of the season

This year’s season “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert” ends with the duet episode.

© TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

The eighth season of “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert” ends on Tuesday. A look back at the special moments of the season.

Every year “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert” (on VOX and via TVNow) tends towards the end of the season with the big duet series. On Tuesday, June 8th, the stars of the eighth season will look back on the highlights of the past weeks, while the artists perform the “songs of the evenings” in duets. On the journey of Gentleman (45), Stefanie Heinzmann (32), Joris (31), Ian Hooper (27), front man of the folk band Mighty Oaks, DJ BoBo (53) as well as rapper Nura (32) and host Johannes Oerding ( 39) there were some unforgettable and emotional moments.

The story behind “Aileen” by Ian Hooper

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, singer-songwriter Joris revealed that his highlight of the season was when he was allowed to perform the song “Aileen” by the Mighty Oaks. Because only shortly before his appearance did the 31-year-old find out the emotional story behind it. The play is about Ian Hooper’s late mother. It came about when the Mighty Oaks frontman learned that she was dying. Hooper’s mother, Aileen, wanted him to have a “real” job instead of music. On her deathbed, the singer confessed that he had decided on music.

With this story, Hooper moved his artist colleagues to tears even before Joris’ appearance. spot on news, Joris explained that he had to collect himself before his performance: “I didn’t know how to perform the song. We took a break and then I sang the song.” After the song, the singer burst into tears with Ian Hooper. “This moment shows the concept of the show very well, because it’s all about the stories behind the songs.”

Joris on the terrorist attack in Ansbach

But Joris also caused horror and compassion with the audience and the musicians of the show with a personal story. Before Stefanie Heinzmann’s appearance with his song “Signal”, the singer spoke about the event that had inspired him to write the song. “It’s my second birthday on July 24th. We were in Ansbach at a festival and played there. It was a wonderful day and suddenly it makes a huge blow. Nails came down everywhere. Somebody got up in the air blown up “, Joris remembered the decisive experience in 2016 with wet eyes.

He felt “such fear of death” that day and immediately lay down on the floor of his tour bus, hoping that no shots would be fired afterwards. His light man told him later: “We have the mission now more than ever to bring love into the world. And he was right,” confirmed the singer. Stefanie Heinzmann’s performance also visibly touched those present and especially Joris.

Nura transformed DJ BoBo’s “Freedom”

Rapper Nura came up with a real surprise on the first evening when she reinterpreted DJ BoBo’s song “Freedom”. The Swiss musician had previously said that the song was particularly important in Eastern Europe. “When they went to the river in Sarajevo, for example, under the hail of bullets that hit them, they put on their headphones and heard ‘Freedom’,” reported DJ BoBo. Nura, on the other hand, projected the song and his message onto the current time: “It’s Corona and we all want our freedom back.”

When she performed the song, she added her own lines that her colleagues visibly took away. In it, for example, she rapped: “For you, freedom means not wearing a mask. For me, freedom means having a German passport.” After the song, the rapper cried with emotion. Original interpreter BoBo praised: “I believed every word you said! You are a freedom fighter!”

Stefanie Heinzmann commemorates Nura’s deceased friend

But for Nura there was another highly emotional moment within the show. Even before Stefanie Heinzmann had interpreted Nura’s song “Babe”, tears flowed down the rapper’s face. She said she wrote the song for her deceased friend Sam. In 2018 the rapper Samson Wieland died at the age of 28. The year before, the couple had released the song “Babebabe”. “‘Babebabe’ is a song I wrote with him. They are two people. And ‘Babe’ because I’m alone without him,” Nura explained on the show.

Stefanie Heinzmann celebrated the late Sam in her version of the song, which again led to great emotions for the artists as well as the audience. The performance ended in a tearful group hug, in which Nura thanked Heinzmann for the performance.

Stefanie Heinzmann talks about a stay in psychiatry

It was surprising for viewers as well as her colleagues when Stefanie Heinzmann spoke about her voluntary stay in the psychiatry on her evening. The singer said that as a teenager she suffered from severe pain due to a herniated disc. At that time, she celebrated her first successes with her band and stopped eating out of stress.

“At some point I weighed 42 kilos and realized: I can’t do it alone,” she explained to the musicians who were visibly upset. “I have made the decision: I would like to go to a closed psychiatry to heal.” The turning point for Heinzmann was when she was released from psychiatry at the age of 18 and had her back operation the day after she was released. “That was awesome because the pain was gone afterwards,” the 32-year-old recalled. “That was in March and in November I was on ‘TV total’. A year after I got out of the trap, I was just superstar Stefanie Heinzmann.”