Sing my song: The show will start a new season in 2021

The seventh season "Sing my song" ends this Tuesday. But the fans don't have to be too sad, the next season is coming.

The seventh season "Sing My Song – The Exchange Concert" ends today at 8:15 pm on Tuesday (June 30th) at VOX. LEA (27), Max Giesinger (31), Michael Patrick Kelly (42), MoTrip (32), Jan Plewka (49), Nico Santos (27) give their all again in the duet and retrospective episode. The supplies for next year have also already been secured. "In the spring of 2021, new music acts will return to South Africa, where they can exchange their songs and personal stories!" Announced the broadcaster on Tuesday.

Since 2014, the programs, which each revolve around seven German-speaking artists from various genres, have been produced in South Africa. Xavier Naidoo (48) moderated the first three seasons. The BossHoss and Mark Forster (36) followed with one season each. In the seasons before, they were already seen as artists. Michael Patrick Kelly, who was a guest in season four, has been moderating since 2019.