Singer Barbara, victim of incest: how her life turned upside down: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Barbara has upset many French people thanks to her poignant lyrics. If the singer, victim of sexual abuse in her childhood, had never publicly told her ordeal, she will have tried to appease her pain in song since her texts are full of metaphors, much more understandable since this terrible secret broke in 1998 … Its famous title The black Eagle is undoubtedly the most significant and the most overwhelming. "The bird left me alone with my sorrow", she interpreted to express her terrible pain. Behind this great popular success, the long brunette lady had buried the drama of her childhood. Words that took on their full meaning a year after her death, in 1998, when her autobiography Once upon a time there was a piano was born. The French star had confided to have been victim of incest.

The book has the effect of a bomb as reminded us the Parisian January 10, 2021. If she does not explicitly write the word "incest" , she writes this: "I am more and more afraid of my father. He feels it. He knows it. (…) One evening, in Tarbes, my world falls into horror. I am ten and a half years old. Children are silent because we refuse to believe them. Because they are suspected of fabricating. Because they are ashamed and they feel guilty. Because they are afraid. Because they believe they are the only ones in the world with their terrible secret."

Barbara had even gone further in her confidences and explained: "I need my mother so much, but how do I talk to her? And what to say to him? That I find my father's behavior weird? I am silent", she had confided. One summer in Brittany, she would have gone to the gendarmerie to deliver them "this terrible secret"… Before her father came looking for her.

Incest: the end of a taboo?

A story that resurfaces with the announcement of the release of La familia grandeon January 7, 2021 which also had the effect of a bomb. The book in which Camille Kouchner accuses her stepfather Olivier Duhamel of having sexually abused his twin brother shook public opinion.

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