Singer infected with coronavirus: how bad was Patricia Kelly?

Singer infected with coronavirus
How bad was Patricia Kelly?

Patricia Kelly, here during a TV recording, was discharged from the hospital a few days ago.

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Patricia Kelly was recently discharged from the hospital after suffering from a corona infection. Before that, however, she was “very scared”.

Patricia Kelly (51) was infected with the corona virus despite having been fully vaccinated and even had to go to hospital. In the meantime the singer has been released again, in an interview with RTL she now tellshow bad she was really doing.

“The next day I could hardly breathe”

It all started with “fever, cough and body aches,” explains Kelly. You then did a quick test, which was positive. “And then the next day, I could hardly breathe and I had a really high fever,” she explains. She told her husband that she was “really scared” and he took her to the hospital.

“I am very, very happy and relieved that I have been vaccinated, because I also have a previous illness,” says the singer, who belongs to the risk group. “And I have no idea where I would be today without the vaccination.” She firmly believes that the vaccination helped “it didn’t get worse” and that she didn’t need oxygen. Kelly is convinced that that’s why she is back home today.

In the meantime, however, the doctors had said: “It could be a mild course, but it could also lead to death.” You were “very scared”. Kelly, who had already been infected with the virus in 2020, asked herself whether she might need a ventilator. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

How is Patricia Kelly doing today?

Before she had already explained on Instagramthat she “went through hell for three days”. “Through these difficult moments,” she said, prayers and support from family and friends helped her. In an interview with RTL, Kelly also said that her loved ones helped her through this difficult time.

“I feel better, but I am very exhausted and need to recover”, wrote the 51-year-old on October 25 for a clip on Instagram. In this, Kelly tells that she has pneumonia that she will have to cure in the coming weeks. That’s why she couldn’t shoot for her new single “Unbreakable”, which was released recently. Instead, the singer released a music video that evening, in which all kinds of photo and video recordings with her family can be seen.


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