Singer Kendji Girac will be the star of the next TF1 TV movie on illiteracy

Singer Kendji Girac, big winner of season 3 of “The Voice”, will be the star of “Champion”, a TF1 TV movie which will follow Zach, a young illiterate boxing enthusiast.

Gaffiot-Moreau / Bestimage

After Matt Pokora in Le Premier Oublié, Jenifer Bartoli in Traqués and Le Temps est assassin and Louane, who will soon be appearing on Visions, TF1 will once again put a singer in the spotlight on its antenna.

Indeed, according to information from Parisian, Kendji Girac, big winner of season 3 of The Voice in 2014, will be the star of Champion, a TV movie directed by Mona Achache (Balthazar) whose filming has just started.

It was during an interview that the singer revealed that he will play a young man passionate about boxing and illiterate. A role that Kendji Girac has prepared for a long time: “I finally feel ready! I’ve been using cameras for a few years for my music videos or for TV shows.”

“It took me a long time to get comfortable with all that. It was a real job for me. […] I learned over time to relax. I have been preparing for months by taking comedy classes but also boxing to take up this new challenge that I take very seriously..”

In Champion, the winner of The Voice, who tries his hand at comedy for the first time, will lend his features to Zach, a young man who has difficulty reading and writing. He was indeed taken out of the school system by his parents in order to start working in carpentry.

I agreed to play it because it is far from the previous proposals which were more cliché, he confided to the Parisian. I was often offered romantic comedies around music or my gypsy roots and I wanted something else. This time the story that I am going to tell is about illiteracy, a very interesting topic that affects many people.”

This subject particularly affects the singer since he too had problems reading, which greatly handicapped him during TV shows where he had to sing with a teleprompter. “Today, there are 7.5% of illiterate people in France, for whom letters mean nothing at all.”

“Many are afraid to say it, hide and I would like thanks to this film to break the codes, to advance this cause and that it is no longer a taboo subject. It is not serious not to know how to write or read, you just have to learn slowly, take an interest in order to improve your writing.

I asked for help, I redoubled my efforts, I made fewer mistakes. I really concentrated and it quickly improved thanks to my desire.

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