Singing video at the limit of pain: four women in a lopsided position


Viral video
Is that the most crooked vocal quartet in the world?

Four women, four weird voices – disharmony that fascinates


Geez! These four young women want to inspire the world with their voices – but unfortunately none of them can even begin to hit the tone.

Okay, first of all the obvious: Of course it is very brave to sing in front of the public, especially if you are not particularly skilled at it. And it's pretty shabby to point gleefully at the singers and laugh at them when things don't work out. Therefore, of course, we are totally on the side of these four Swedes who fervently throw out a ballad without being able to agree on a melody or key: applause for the courage and the self-confidence to simply give everything in front of the camera, without fear embarrassing moments. And yet this video also raises a number of questions when viewed through benevolent glasses.

What was going on there?

The four women appear to be very experienced in social media – so you can assume that they know very well what is coming across in front of the camera and how the network reacts to certain clips. Hence the suspicion arises: Is this crooked singing perhaps a very targeted attempt to go viral worldwide with intentionally very crooked singing? You could almost guess it – because obviously all four heard each other while singing and knew what they sound like. And you must have watched the finished video before posting on Tiktok, either with the conclusion "Wow, we are really incredibly good four-part" or the calculated attempt to become famous.

The truth is out there

We will probably never know what really happened. These singers are definitely famous now, in the worst case just not in the way they wanted them to be. Let's keep our fingers crossed for them that they can fully enjoy their new status as choir fluencers on TikTok and continue doing what they enjoy in the future – no matter how the network reacts to it.

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