Single adoption: foster father takes on 5 children

Robert Carter is single – and now the foster father of five! What sounds unimaginable to others was taken for granted by him.

Robert Carter knows what it means to stand on your own two feet early on. The Ohio barber and salon owner was separated from his mother and siblings when he was a child. Because she was heavily alcoholic – so that Robert grew up in foster families.

Single foster father takes in five siblings

Now the single man takes care of five children himself, as reported by "Yahoo Style". Robert took in five foster children at once – and recently generated a lot of media interest. What other people perceive in amazement or even frightened, was a matter of course for him. Because at the age of 21 he took custody of his two younger brothers.

And one day fate was to repeat itself in a similar way: As Robert explained to Yahoo, he initially took in three brothers. They had learned what Robert had to go through years before. The boys were given from foster family to foster family because no one seemed to get along with them – except for Robert. It not only offered them a home but also a place of safety. "You should only stay with me for a weekend, but it turned into several months … This is now our third Christmas together", the man looks back today.

The children seemed so comfortable with the foster father that one of them eventually opened up. He revealed to Robert that there would actually be two other siblings in the family: Two girls who lived with different foster mothers.

Knowing what it felt like to lose his siblings, Robert decided to contact the sisters. Within a short time he organized a meeting that would turn his life upside down again.

Anyone can make foster children a better life

Because when the siblings met again in a nearby elementary school, there was no longer any doubt for Robert: "They just hugged each other and cried. And then I knew that I had to eat all five so that they could stay together ", reports the foster father – and quickly expanded his family. Because no one else had been found who wanted to take all siblings together.

Although Robert had not expected to arouse so much interest, he now wants to use the attention given to his foster family to make something clear to others. The foster father explains to Yahoo: "Many people believe that you have to be married to adopt or foster a child. I want people to know one thing: whatever the individual situation, as long as you have the means to care for children, you can take care of children. "