Siri becomes even smarter than Google Assistant when combined with ChatGPT

Siri is far from the smartest personal assistant, but ultimately it just needs a little help getting better. A developer has decided to merge Apple’s assistant with ChatGPT, and the result is quite spectacular.

Credit: Mate Marshallko

Developer Mate Marschalko used the voice of Siri, Apple’s Shortcuts app, the intelligence of GPT-3, behind the popular ChatGPT conversational AI, and a bit of hacking to create a surprisingly smart home assistant, able to meet quite demanding demands.

In a YouTube video, Marschalko explains having linked GPT-3 to Siri through Apple shortcuts. To do this, he taught ChatGPT what it could ask Siri and how it should respond. He also provided a list of details about his home, smart devices, and even his home location.

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ChatGPT can become Siri’s best friend

The developer, for example, begins to say to Siri: “ I just noticed that I am recording this video in the dark of the office, can you do something about this? “. If Siri had to answer this question on its own, the assistant wouldn’t really know what to do, but that was without counting the precious help of GPT-3.

Before responding, Siri can now transmit the instructions to OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, and the latter is responsible for creating a machine-readable code to turn on the office lights. The latter is then sent back to Siri through Shortcuts, which allows him to turn on the lights.

So Marschalko didn’t have to write a single line of code to achieve this. Instead of that, he simply explained to GPT-3 what he wanted to do. He asked him to interpret conversational English and provide an appropriate JSON response, so that Apple’s application would be able to execute the commands given.

This demonstration therefore shows how interesting it would be for certain companies to combine the capabilities of chatGPT with their own personal assistants. We imagine that Apple and Google are already having fun with artificial intelligence internally, and we can’t wait to see how it could eventually revolutionize our daily lives. For now, we know that Microsoft is interested in the technology, and it could soon implement it in Bing and its Office suite.

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