“Sisi”: RTL shows new series at the end of December

RTL shows new series at the end of December

Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann play Sisi and Franz.

© RTL / Story House Pictures / René Arnold

The “Sisi” series will celebrate its free TV premiere in December. RTL shows all six episodes in a three-day series event.

The new “Sisi” series with Jannik Schümann (29) and Dominique Devenport (25) in the leading roles will celebrate its premiere on free TV in December. RTL shows the total of six episodes on three consecutive days on December 28th, 29th and 30th. Two episodes will be broadcast on the evenings at prime time from 8:15 p.m.

The six-part series aims to reinterpret the life of the regent. RTL + describes Sisi as “Europe’s first superstar, Lady Di of the 19th century”. The production is designed as a coming-of-age story. The Bavarian Duchess Elisabeth (Devenport) falls in love as a “carefree teenager” with the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I (Schümann), who is “powerful, attractive and desirable, but also has a dark and dangerous side”. Sisi grows with her experience and becomes a modern monarch.

In addition to Schümann and Devenport, Désirée Nosbusch (56) as Sisi’s mother-in-law Archduchess Sophie and Julia Stemberger (56) as Sisi’s mother Duchess Ludovica can be seen.

Even more “Sisi”

For the impatient, the whole thing is already from December 12th available at RTL +. Those who do not want to do without the “Sissi” classics with Romy Schneider (1938-1982) can also stream the three films on RTL + from December 10th. A second season of the series has also already been confirmed.

Incidentally, “Sisi” will soon have competition too. Netflix is ​​currently shooting a series about the Empress in Germany with “The Empress”.


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