Six Days in Fallujah: an Early Access release date for the controversial FPS

Expected at the end of the 2000s and revived recently, Six Days in Fallujah is most talked about because of its subject, rather serious and serious. We will follow Marines Americans during the Second Battle of Fallujah, Iraq, which claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians. An obviously political game, but which promises a gameplay immersive.

Today, Victura And Highwire Games finally give news of their FPS. Six Days in Fallujah release date is set for June 22, 2023, only on PC via Steam and in Early Access. The title will then include four cooperative missions, with the possibility of going through them in four in multiplayer. As a reminder, these will be missions in an urban environment with procedurally generated maps for each game, for increased replayability. The developers will obviously release updates adding co-op missions and story-driven campaign missions, retracing the true events of the Battle of Fallujah.

Players will therefore soon be able to finally find out if Six Days in Fallujah worth checking out, at least in Early Access. For the final version, expected on PC, playstation And Xboxyou will have to wait until 2024. You can find gaming PCs on Amazon.

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