Skam France: we saw the first episodes of the beautiful season 9 dedicated to Maya

After a teaser unveiled Wednesday, season 9 of “Skam France”, centered on Maya, begins today on France tv slash with the posting of a new clip. In preview, we were able to see the first two episodes. Find out our verdict.

Skam France is back on France tv slash. As unveiled Wednesday evening via a teaser announcing a cataclysm within the couple Maya-Lola, season 9 of the phenomenon series with 300 million views landed today on the France Télévisions platform with the posting of a first clip of a few minutes.

And the good news is that Mif continues to be at the heart of the series since, after Lola (Flavie Delangle), Tiff (Lucie Fagedet), and Bilal (Khalil Gharbia), it’s Maya (Ayumi Roux) to find himself in the light for this ninth salute composed, once again, of 10 episodes.

And these are precisely the first two complete episodes of approximately 21 minutes, which will be available on France tv slash on Fridays 14 and 21 January, that we were able to discover in preview. So, is this season 9 of Skam France up to the previous ones? And what do the writers have in store for us for this “whirlwind” season from which Maya and Lola will likely emerge transformed? Together or separately …

A season of separation and mourning?

France tv slash revealed it bluntly in its press release: this season, Maya and Lola are going their separate ways. Tired of their incessant arguments and the repeated absences of her girlfriend, who seems more interested in her association than in their relationship, Lola decides to leave Maya, from whom she reproaches for always running away and for not letting her feelings show through. .

A shock that nobody had seen coming and which will upset the balance of the Mif, who was not prepared to have to juggle between the two young women, in “shared custody” mode every other week, as noted during a Jo (Louise Malek) sequence, which continues with Redouane (Abdallah Charki) to bring a good dose of humor to the series.

The first two episodes of Season 9, which rely heavily on the couple’s ending and how Maya is hanging on to Lola, or at least hoping to see her come back to her, are hugely successful and let presage a (very) beautiful season. That we owe once again to the director Shirley Monsarrat, to the collection director Déborah Hassoun, and her team of writers.

Further back in seasons 7 and 8, Maya is finally entitled to the place she deserves, and this ninth batch promises to teach us a lot more about this beautiful character, who we discover outside of her love story with Lola. Thus allowing the authors to explore, among others, his friendship with Bilal or with Max (Sohan Pague), which had not really been developed before within the group.

Thibault Grabherr – FTV – Banijay

One of the strengths of Skam France has always been the talent of its range of young actors, and this season 9 is no exception to the rule. Ayumi Roux already offers us several overwhelming sequences from the first episodes. Like the last heartbreaking sequence of the first chapter between Maya and Lola, which hits us full force, like an uppercut, and allows Ayumi Roux and Flavie Delangle to shine.

Will the emblematic couple of the Mif manage to overcome the obstacles to better find each other? Where is it really the end of this love story that started in season 6? Nothing is less certain, especially as Clément, a new character played by Léo Mazo, will complicate things. Just like the possibility of seeing old demons resurface.

France tv slash reveals that Maya’s heartache goes “hit her right in the heart and force her to face everything she has buried since the death of her parents”. Thus suggesting that the mourning of the latter, but also the mourning of his relationship with Lola, could well be the central theme of these new episodes, hidden behind the shock rupture of the first episodes.

With this ninth season arrived almost by surprise, as tradition dictates, Skam proves in any case once again its rather rare ability in France to give a central place to LGBTQI + characters and to offer them real strong intrigues that go well. beyond their sexuality and participate in an important effort of representation and inclusiveness. While giving the opportunity to many viewers to recognize themselves in what Maya, or Lucas, Eliott, and Max before her, can go through.

To say we can’t wait to see where Season 9 takes us is an understatement. And the good news is that season 10 has already been filmed, most likely to be broadcast shortly thereafter.

Our interview with Sohan Pague, aka Max:

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