Ski expert Marco Büchel – “Marco Odermatt puzzles me”


The Nidwaldner is currently driving away from everyone. The experts also find it difficult to assess the 24-year-old. For Marco Büchel, however, one thing is clear: Odermatt can shape an era.

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Marco Büchel is enthusiastic about his namesake Marco Odermatt.


Nevertheless, “Odi” is a mystery for Büchel, as the ZDF expert says.

“I watch him and think ‘wow cool’, but it won’t be that fast. And then he just drives fast,” says Büchel.


  • Marco Odermatt is currently driving in the fast lane.

  • This is very difficult to explain for ski expert Marco Büchel.

  • Büchel is particularly surprised by Odermatt’s appearance at the Super-G in Wengen.

If the audience had been allowed to attend the Super-G in Wengen, the visitors would probably have sung “Odi, Odi, Odi, Odiee” again at the finish. As in the giant slalom in Adelboden, Marco Odermatt was on top of the podium at the end of the race. This of all times at its premiere in Wengen. The 24-year-old is in the form of his life.

But what makes the Nidwaldner so strong at the moment? The former professional driver and current TV expert Marco Büchel tries to classify it; However, he cannot really assess the Odermatt phenomenon, as he says in an interview with 20 Minuten: “I cannot explain it; Odermatt is a mystery and puzzles me. I watch him and think ‘wow awesome’, but it won’t be that fast. And then he just drives fast.” Odermatt is a very economical skier who doesn’t ski an inch too much and is nice on the skis, says Büchel.

The Liechtensteiner is particularly surprised that Odermatt also triumphed in Wengen. Like some other experts before, Büchel predicted that the 24-year-old would not be particularly successful on the Lauberhorn because the track is not particularly technical. After the Super-G triumph, Büchel says with a smile: “I’m happy to let him tell me lies. I think he’s still missing kilometers in gliding passages. He just compensates for that, I have no idea how he does it.”

“Odermatt does not want to be a new Hirscher”

Büchel describes Odermatt as a very “refreshing” person. “He’s carefree and has strong nerves. In addition, he is a very positive person,” explains Büchel. The 50-year-old continues: “I think he is very determined and knows exactly what he wants. But he’s not too dogged.”

Büchel does not let the comparison with the long-time ski dominator Marcel Hirscher stand: «Odermatt does not want to become a new Marcel Hirscher, he is Marco Odermatt. I always have trouble with such comparisons, but yes, he will be a formative figure.”

Feuz – the big favorite for Saturday

Due to his strong performance in the Super-G, he also sees opportunities in the downhill at Odermatt. At least in the first of the two other competitions in Wengen. Büchel: “Normally no newcomer wins in Wengen. You have to have driven the descent several times. The theory is not enough for him on Saturday. On Friday, however, after the performance, I also believe that he is capable of a podium finish.”

Büchel sees the multiple winner Beat Feuz as the big favorite for the right and second descent on the Lauberhorn on Saturday. «Feuz is always a candidate for victory, especially on Saturday. He’s cool and stays cool.” Mayer is considered a direct Feuz competitor. Kilde and Kriechmayr, on the other hand, rather less. He also sees a bear market at Kriechmayr at the moment: “He’s not as impressive as before.” For Kilde, the route is not technically demanding enough.

It is actually hardly possible for a nation to compete for victory in every discipline for women and men. “It comes in cycles. There is always a weakening somewhere, »explains former professional Marco Büchel. But that has not been the case in Switzerland for two or three years. “For men and women there are four athletes in each discipline fighting for victory.” According to Büchel, the reason for this strong team is the performance centers and a strategy change by Swiss-Ski a few years ago. However, it is difficult that this is always the case. “You have to enjoy it, it won’t always stay that way. It’s now the harvest years, »says Büchel.

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